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Wealth Edition Episodes

These episodes are intended to help you focus on striving 4 more in your finances and help you build wealth. Listen to valuable insights and advice from experts through their wisdom and experiences.

James Goi, Jr.

The law of attraction is very powerful, yet extremely underutilized. There is power in words and thoughts. James Goi, Jr. shares how he attracted not one, but two 6-figure windfalls to get his family out of debt and achieve prosperity. Listen to how to attract money your way to fulfill your dreams or solve some of your financial woes. 

Chris Miles

There are so many careers to choose from within so many industries, but not many of them help to generate an enormous amount of money to make you have much disposable income. Especially after you begin accumulating items like cars, a house, children, and bills. Now, of course you can be responsible with your money and live within or below your means, pay off debts quickly, invest in the stock market, and save 20% of your salary. But, did you know there are some other ways you can build wealth?

Bob Wheeler

Having a good relationship with money is one we all definitely deserve. Bob Wheeler discusses the common issues we fall into with money. Our emotions are heavily tied to how we manage and spend our money. When you have a healthy relationship with money, you can conquer any financial goal no matter what stage of life you are in.

Debra Morrison

Securing your first job gives you a sense of independence. You earn money to take care of your needs and wants. Supposedly, a good rule of thumb is to save at least 20% of what you earn. Even if you love your job, you cannot work forever. You begin to think about retirement as you get deeper into your career. But how does one know how much they really need to retire?

Dr. Wendy Labat

As we mature, we begin to think of the legacy we will leave our children. Generational wealth is prominent in some families and less prominent in others. So, what exactly are the best strategies for financial stability to create generational wealth?

Justin Pogue

 If you are blessed enough for your first residence to be owned, kudos to you! But if you have to rent your first place like most of us, be sure you get the best deal possible. Are you aware of the best tips and secrets that work in the favor of the tenant?

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